Commercial Debt Collections


Credit Associates Inc. has been working with hospitals, doctors practice groups, commercial fuel, legal firms and several other industries for many years. We understand that these are your customers so we treat them like they are our customers in hopes that they will return to your business once again. 

All accounts placed with Credit Associates Inc. are subjected to rigorous location and asset location procedures. Our collectors have access to the latest commercial databases in order to locate the place of employment, real property, bank and other assets of the debtor's.

Your delinquent customers account information will be loaded into our collection system for urgent collection action. A notice will be mailed to the debtor the same day. A series of notices will follow. Simultaneously our collectors will review the debtor's credit bureau reports to determine their financial condition, ability to pay and sources of payment. We will work within the laws that govern all Oregon Collection Agencies to find phone numbers and addresses to contact the debtor.

Credit Associates interactive Claim Submission Portal will allow new clients and current clients to place accounts securely by using the web.

Credit Associates payment platform supports online payments and scheduled immediate and future electronic transactions by credit/debit cards or a checking account. Our Consumer Payment Portal makes it easy for consumers to pay their account 24/7 by web or even by phone (541) 312-9176.