How can I place accounts with Credit Associates Inc?

Placing accounts with Credit Associates Inc. can be done several different ways:

  • Debtor information may be submitted on-line by using our Online Claim Submission Form
  • If you have questions regarding our listing process please contact us:

Credit Associate Inc. PO Box. 39, Bend, OR. 97709

fax: 541-317-3535

phone: 541-312-9176 toll free 877-694-2504

Is A Commercial Debt Collection Agency Right For Your Business?

A collection agency is excellent for any company that extends credit for goods and/or services. If the bottom lines are becoming hindered by an absence of payments, a collection agency is perfect for you. Services can be expensive and your bills are not going to go away, if you are owed money you have the right to collect it. You have done the work, now its time to get paid. If you require your cash, speak to a collection agency, they increase your bottom line, give you back your time required to properly work the accounts and they use techniques you may not typically use.

Medical offices experience debt collection a lot, this is simply because a lot of emergencies are high-priced and unplanned. When it comes to normal bills, many individuals will find the most convenient way to pay, with the assets they have on hand. Due to this habit, it can be months just before a company gets their cash in full, if at all. The law provides a enterprise only so many months just before the debt is legally gone, so it is wise to think about a debt collector. A debt collector improves the rate of payment and access to cash. Rather than getting bogged down by office affairs, the sole job of Credit Associates Inc. is to get you your money. 

Courts, even when invoked, do not necessarily get money back. Courts give individuals the right to pursue further actions at best. Court cases call for hours of individual time and cannot be reasonably utilized for every account. It costs far more money to file this way as well. Credit Associates Inc. takes charge of the bill and invokes less pricey methods to get money back, such as letter sequences and credit bureau reporting. Numerous individuals can't risk the hit of a credit report, it risks their job and it increases the cost of every thing else. Once debt collectors invoke this, several individuals are quick to come up with payment negotiations. 

A typical debt collector usually does not invoke a credit hit with out a reason. However, when it comes to debt recovery it is only one strategy. Another approach is to instigate wage garnishments or bank asset freezes. Court cases give a collection agency the right to go directly and exactly where the money is. Instead of talking to an absent individual, a collection agency gets right into the heart of the matter. 

If your bottom line is getting effected, take into account an established local debt collection today.

We recommend letting Credit Associates Inc. to handle your outstanding debts for the most effective and efficient no-upfront cost way to collect on monies owed to you.

Why does Credit Associates Inc. recover so much more money than foreign collection agencies?

Bad debts are nothing like fine wines, they don’t get better with age. A major factor in recovering delinquent accounts is to submit them to collections IMMEDIATELY. As time passes, people move, get sick, lose their jobs, file bankruptcy, etc. Any of these events can make an account more difficult or at times impossible to collect. When creditors are faced with the possibility of losing 30% to 50% of their money to a collection agency or law firm, they naturally delay when placing accounts for collection. According to the American Collector's Association, the average collection account is placed when it is nearly seven months past due! Credit Associates Inc. advises its clients to list their accounts as early as 60 days delinquent and no later than 120 days delinquent. This combined with our large data base of Central Oregonians allows Credit Associates Inc. to be the best choice for your local Recovery partner. 

What is Credit Associates recovery rate?

According to the American Collector's Association the average collection agency's recovery percentage hovers around 18%. While Credit Associates Inc's agency recovery rate is 35%, it is not unusual for us to collect a much higher rate for Local Central Oregon businesses. 

How can we locate someone when their mail is being returned?

Prior to the first letter being mailed, each account is matched against credit bureau files and/or postal change of address files. If a new address is obtained, it will be updated within the account information and the letter sequence will begin. 

How long does it usually take to collect?

In the world of collections it is difficult to give guarantees. The average time to resolve an account with Credit Associates Inc. is roughly 41 days.

-- When considering your delinquent accounts, there is no faster way to get your money!

When should accounts be placed for collection?

The rule of thumb is: the sooner the account is placed for collection, the higher the rate of recovery. Time is money and money is time. Don't waste your time throwing good money after bad. With Credit Associates Inc., you have already secured our services, so don't hesitate to utilize them. Let us do what we do best, while you focus on new business. LIST YOUR ACCOUNT NOW!

 What is Front Loading and how can it affect my recovery?

Front Loading Recovery is the act by a collection agency taking their own accumulated interest prior to posting to the clients balance. Thus, dramatically reducing a clients return turnaround time. This is a common practice among other collection agencies. Credit Associates is proud not take any part in front loading and we routinely post active client recovery to the listed amount first. Our goal is to get you paid and to get you paid quickly.