Keep it local! Something to think about.

Let’s stop and think for a moment

How would your business be impacted if your patients decided to go to Portland, Springfield or Salem for their medical care? Would you be able to continue supporting our local economy, create jobs, contribute to local charities, and assist organizations and other programs that make Central Oregon such a great place to live? How would you pay your employees who depend on your business to cover rent, pay mortgages, afford car payments, and how would you keep your business afloat? More important, what actions would you take to prevent this from happening?

Credit Associates, INC. is taking ACTION!

The situation above is quickly becoming a reality within our industry and it has Credit Associates taking action. We are reaching out to local businesses like yours to increase awareness of the damaging affects regional and national collection agencies, some who even maintain “field offices” in Central Oregon are having on our community. When you use vendors (such as collection agencies) whose economic interests are foreign to our community those earnings are in fact stripped from our families, our businesses and those organizations most important to us. Perhaps you have heard of us or you may have heard our name mentioned by a current client of ours, but Credit Associates now feels compelled to get the word out there that we not only out perform these foreign agencies, but we do so in a way that benefits & supports our community.  

How can Credit Associates help?

Credit Associates has been providing superior recovery services in Central Oregon for over 15 years. As the largest locally owned and operated Collection Agencies in Central Oregon we conduct our operations in a fashion that best supports our local economy by keeping our earnings working in the same community we both live and work.

We work to support our local community in ways no other agency of our type ever has. Over the years raising money for local organizations such as the Central Oregon Parkinson’s Council (working directly with Brendan and Sharon Adams), Local Boy Scout troops, Healing Reigns, Shepherds house and directly sponsoring local youth traveling basketball teams, we have demonstrated our commitment to maintaining the economic integrity of our community. Remember, our employees, like yours, are patients, property owners and neighbors.

Why choose Credit Associates as your Collection Agency?

When you choose Credit Associates as your recovery partner, you’re making a choice that benefits not only your Central Oregon business, but our local community. By listing your accounts with Credit Associates you are working with a professional and reputable company that understands the impact your business, and our success, has on our shared community.

At the same time we're doing our part to keep our economy moving, we're also focused on delivering our clients the best service possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works with the largest collection database in our area, with security features and technology you can count on. Unlike foreign agencies focused on stripping the revenue from our economy, we provide our clients with a superior collection vendor experience, with rates of return well above that of the competition. We are well established, working directly with some of the largest economic supporters in our area and we want you to become a part of that success.

With these facts in mind, we hope you will consider joining us in doing all we can to support our community by keeping your dollars working right here in Central Oregon. Working together as your recovery partner we can best serve your collection needs while at the same time supporting the people, businesses and organizations that are most important to us.